Picture post!

Motorcycle rally

Summer is fun.

He proposed 1 year ago in this very spot.

Summer is hot!

And summer gives us extra time with our friends and families during time off of the 9-5!

This summer, as we do every summer we went to Sturgis SD for the annual motorcycle rally. This year was the 79th anniversary so it wasn’t so crowded. Next year will be crazy for sure. This post I just wanted to share some pictures with you of our travels.


Harley and I seeing the boys off. They ride up and back. This year was the first year I flew, and I was able to take Harley with me too! They left Friday morning around 0400.

Devils Tower

My guy ❤️

Harley wasn’t afraid to play in the mountain creek cold stream!

Stonehouse Saloon in Belle Fourche

she was sooooo done with everything!

She was so happy to be home and in her spot!

Dave (guy in the middle) had NO idea Bob put this sticker on his trailer! 😂

It was a great trip, beautiful country, forgives scenery and lots of fantastic memories.

Until next time….

Cathy Lindsey aka Skin Deeper



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