I was “let go”…YAAAAY!!

You’re thinking “WHAT is wrong with this woman”, right? Lets go Skin Deeper on why getting fired, let go, terminated, laid off, got the ole’ pink slip, discharged, booted, sacked, axed IS a good thing!

You’re FIRED

First, do you really want to be somewhere that you are not wanted? Provided you did what you were suppose to everyday; showed up on time, did your job, didn’t reek havoc etc then why are they really firing you?

In my case, it was a difference of opinion on what is actually the “right thing” and a difference in personalities with someone. I work in healthcare and always considered myself a patient advocate so despite the census being low because it is just that time of year, I am always going to do what is best for the patient, not the corporation. I refuse to lie to place a head in the bed just so the big man on top can make his mansion payment.

I’m NO Quiter!

Some of the most famous and rich people have been fired and gone on to be who they are today. Steve Jobs for instance. Yep, one of the most revolutionary inventors and innovative entrepreneurs of our time was actually fired from Apple in 1985 after a battle with the board of directors. But in 1998, he returned to the struggling corporation and brought it back to profitability. After all, the iPhone and iPad are two of the most successful, best-selling products of all time. Not bad for a guy that got booted from the company he founded thirteen years prior.

Another example is three-time mayor of New York and successful business magnate, Michael Bloomberg. He was fired from Salomon Brothers in 1981 when they were taken over by a competitor. He used his severance package to start his own venture, Innovative Marketing Systems (later renamed Bloomberg LP) and that company is still thriving today. Salomon Brothers was bought out several times since, but Bloomberg went on to be a beloved political figure.

With that inspiration in mind, I moved on to a much better paying job with a more pleasant schedule working “banker’s hours”. Most importantly, I was supported in my work and placed in a role in-line with my skills, gifts, and desires.

Without failure, there would be no success

When it comes to being fired, Bloomberg once said, “I’ve always thought tomorrow was going to be the best day of my life. Even the day I knew I was going to get fired, I had never been fired before and wanted to see what it was like.”

Being “put out” isn’t the same as being put down, there is no failure in the ending of employment. It is not about the fall, but rather how you rise and pull yourself back up. Here are three tips to remember when you’ve been shown the door by an employer:

– Keep things in perspective. It’s not the end of the world, the end of your career or even the end of your life – it was just a job.

– Don’t retaliate. When people are let go, they often get nervous about finances or have difficulty dealing with the emotional impact. Unless you had been discriminated against or been mistreated or abused, let it go. Move forward to the next big thing with dignity.

– Think about what you really want. This is an opportunity to go deep within and consider how you want to contribute your gifts and experience the greatest satisfaction. Consider speaking with a career coach or receiving training in a new discipline. While those options can be expensive, they can also put you on the correct path.

Don’t let an employment separation define who you are. There are always bigger and better things awaiting you if you remain receptive and optimistic. Keep working towards your success!

It’s OK

I am going to be ok. I have a side hustle (Rodan + Fields) that will take me places plus I am free of the daily degradation and bullying. I was ill every single day, I dreaded going to work and having any communication what so ever with my team because I knew that no matter what my response was, it would not be acceptable. I even put this to a test one day to check my theory out, you know, to make sure I wasn’t crazy!

I was told one week via conference call by a regional representative for my company: This is what each of you (directed to myself, my Executive Director (E.D.) and Admissions Rep (CRC)) need to do to increase referrals and admissions this week/month. This included very specific tasks such as my E.D. going out to local competitors to meet them, explore our differences and discover how we can refer patients back and forth and the CRC doing the same but with a different end destination. Everyone agreed to follow her direction and we parted ways. This happened over the course of the next few weeks with us being given very specific places to market to and each week our census continued to decline. My regional representative asked via email to this same team but directed to me” what are you doing to increase census this week/month”. When I gave a very detailed plan that included what she had previously told the team to do I was immediately the recipient of a verbal lashing in writing (thank goodness it was in writing because now I have proof of the treatment I was being subjected to). I was told how inappropriate my response was and how inexcusable my actions are to ask other team members to help my in “my job”.

You go to bed, wake up and start a new day. For me, with the same attitude and actions I have always had because I strongly believe that doing what is best for the patient is the right thing to do. I have girlfriends that I can vent to, hang with, and have help me thru my sad days. I have a husband that loves me unconditionally although he isn’t very happy I have no income for a bit LOL! But I will be ok, I am OK! I have goals and I will reach them!

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