How to get glowing skin with minimal makeup ….according to The NY Times.

Article dated June 20, 2019 and written by Kari Molvar

There is no shortage of suggestions on Instagram for achieving a radiant complexion: the hashtag #glowingskin alone has more than three million posts that recommend a multitude of shimmery products — from gold-flecked highlighters to glimmering bronzers to glitter-laced gelées — all of which, when layered on the skin, can create a lustrous effect. But the results don’t always look natural. For those who prefer a more low-key sheen — a subtle dewiness that suggests the afterglow of a hike or yoga session — a new batch of sheer water-based tints and light-reflecting creams, made with hydrating ingredients and only a hint of shimmer, offer a subtler way to illuminate the skin. “It’s a fresher finish,” says the New York-based Chanel makeup artist Cyndle Komarovski of the luminous bare-skin look she’s increasingly asked to create, adding that, with the right product, “it looks as if your skin drank a big glass of water.” Here, a guide to achieving a beautiful, minimal-makeup glow.

#1&#2 are my favorite. Because R+D already has this figured out 😉 $80

A good exfoliation routine eliminates dullness so that skin naturally reflects light. The Connecticut-based dermatologist Sarah Dolder, M.D., recommends a “very gentle chemical exfoliant for daily use,” such as Restorsea Pro’s Intensive Treatment 10xlotion ($195). Once a week, try Dermaflash($150), a manual microblading device that carefully removes dead skin with a sterile blade and sonic vibrations (it might sound scary, but the process is entirely painless; just hold your skin taunt and use short strokes). Finish with a plumping moisturizer, such as Tatcha’s Dewy Skin Cream ($68) with hyaluronic acid and calming algae.


As an alternative to heavy cover-up, Komarovski prefers the new generation of water-based tinted gels — such as Chanel’s Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint ($65), which, she says, “evens out your tone but allows your natural skin to shine through.” Pump a bit on the back of your hand, buff with a brush and dab on, working from the center of the face outward to ensure you don’t miss a spot. Or, spike your foundation “with a drop of face oil if your skin is very dry,” recommends the Montreal-based facialist Jennifer Brodeur; you’ll slightly dilute the formula so it has a more transparent effect on the skin.

To minimize puffiness without makeup, massage around the eyes with an ice cube — a cryotherapy-like method that brings down swelling and “also tightens the skin,” says Brodeur. From there, you can tap on a concealer sparingly: Sisley-Paris’s Stylo Lumière ($65) comes with a sponge tip applicator so you can target specific areas — the sides of the nose, under the eyes — quickly. A dab in the inner corners of the eyes also helps brighten the entire face, says Brodeur: “It’s a small area that offers a huge impact.”

Well-applied makeup should enhance your normal complexion — “not get rid of your natural coloring by making your skin one tone,” says Komarovski. A multitasking balm can liven up your face in spots where the sun normally hits — the tops of the cheeks, under the brows, the bridge of your nose. Westman Atelier’s Super Loaded ($75) highlightercombines antioxidant-rich jojoba oil with a peachy-bronze tint while Chantecaille’s water-based Aqua Blush ($44) comes in a range of tones, from coral to berry, and melts in with a cooling sensation.

Again R+D has it figured out. #3&4 can also be accomplished with Radiant Defense. And for a much less costly approach.

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