10 habits of beautiful women

Allure Spring 2019

  1. Everyone’s skin suffers from periods where nothing is working. But masks balance skin quickly. Clay reduces oil and gels calm redness- Ellen Marmur
  2. If you wake up with dry skin, change your bedtime routine, not the morning one. It’s easier to head of dryness at night than to reverse it the next day – Doris Day
  3. Face wipes may be convenient but don’t rely on them to detox your skin if you live where pollution is high. – Zoe Drelous
  4. You don’t have to use one product on your entire face. Try glycolic acid on the oily T zone to minimize breakouts and a thick cream on the rest – Denny Engleman
  5. When layering, let each product sit for 2 minutes so it’s not counteracted or diluted by the next product – Neil Sadick
  6. 90% of fine lines are cause by sun exposure which makes sunscreen the ultimate ingredient for younger looking skin – Day
  7. Weekly chemical peels help healthy bacteria grow. Gritty scrubs have the opposite effect, triggering collagen destroying enzymes Whitney Bowe
  8. New to chemical peels? Try glycolic acid for normal skin, salicylic acid for oil and gently lactic acid for dry or sensitive skin – Day
  9. Use brightened as soon as you see a dark spot. Melanin grows deeper into the skin in time and is harder to reach – Jessica Will
  10. If you’re breaking out at your hair line it could be the oil from your hair products. Use a foaming face wash to cut thru the oil – Patricia Wexler

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